Electronic Partners

Website: www.elex.co.nz
Telephone: (9) 419 6474
Address: Level 1, Rawene Chambers building, 17 Rawene road
Town/City: Birkenhead
Region: Auckland
Postcode: 0746
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With a talented team of engineers and years of experience under their belts, the team at Electronic Partners are able to design, develop and prototype just about any kind of electronics project. That’s why we’re New Zealand’s electronic product developer of choice!

In fact, we’ve been developing custom electronics and electronic products for our clients for over 10 years now. Having worked with the likes of Navman Wireless, MX Marine, SAYR and BEP to name a few!

But no matter the product or the client, our ‘Design Your Profit’ philosophy remains at the heart of everything we do: a commitment to creating products that are not just clever, but also cost effective, reliable and easy to manufacture.

We’re able to do this because we have an experienced team that know their stuff. Specialising in software, firmware and electronic product development for a range of products including LCD Applications, Embedded Control Products and Home Automation Technologies.

And when it comes to manufacturing? We have the connections and capacity to do just this. Able to support you through every stage of the product development process: from initial funding and R&D right through to placing that product on store shelves.

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